--=The Final Episode=--
Session 42 - The Storm Of Chaos

The adventurers journey back to Altdorf to unite Ghal Maraz with Sigmar's crown, but find that they have been tracked and must battle the Arch Lumin once and for all. They also discover what has ocurred in the Empire while they have been away -- learning how Sigmar's hammer is needed to battle the biggest threat that the Empire has seen in the last thousand years.

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  1. Hi

    I have just finished listening to the last session. I can't tell you how great this has been listening to you guys. At the end you were reminicing about your favorite parts, here are mine in order:
    1. Hunting Etelka to the climax at the battle for witgendorf (Just amazing!)
    2. The whole Bogenhoffen Campaign (some great roleplaying)
    3. Triex Land! I liked the whole trying to poison the goblins with the wine thing (never did find out if any of them drunk it) and the dungeon crawl part.

    The ending didn't feel as climatic as I was expecting, but I liked the way you got the characters to do their own epilogues, It felt like a good way to end it all.

    I hope you do another one soon, maybe a Call of Cthulhu advenure? I've always fancied running Beyond the Mountains of Madness but I think you would have to do a lot of work to make it run properly as I listened to one where the GM pretty much just read the players the book while they rolled a few dice and everyone ended up sounding bored.

    Or maybe a WH40k Dark Heresy campaign? There are lots of great sourcebooks and adventures out for this already.

    Thanks once again for all the hard work you have put into making these podcasts and I look forward to hearing more from you :-)

  2. I just found this blog. Very interesting, I'll see if I can listen through it all ... there are dead spots at work where I can get some good listening in!

    Amazing job GMing and playing and recording!


  3. Excellent rpg guys, I picked up the series about 6 months ago, now on episode 30. Not long to go. After being inspired by this I've convinced my old rpg group to get back together for one last game of warhammer as part of my stag do.

    Cheers guys

  4. Finally finished guys, moat excellent real play. Well done! Are you going to update us on what your next game will be or are you all taking a long deserved break?

  5. Thanks for the support! I know I'll personally will be taking a long break as my wife and I are starting our family.

    The other players are taking a break also as well as playing in other groups, but not recording anything at the moment. If anything does get recorded I will post a link here.

    But once things settle down for me and my family I'll be able to get back to the gaming table -- maybe next year sometime?

  6. Thanks for the update and good luck with your new family.

  7. Just to let everyone know. I have started my own blog page, about a campaign that i will be running shortly, I hope to do podcast in much of the same light http://hoebeyondthesteelsky.blogspot.com/ But it will be for Deadlands: Hell on Eart

  8. I really loved the podcast guys. I listened from the start. I feel like I know you guys. I wish I could play with you all. I have so many laughs. Triax had me almost in tears a few times. The mage is great too. The two really worked well together with the roleplaying. I enjoyed Brutis and his smart ass comments too. Poor Brutis got his throat slit lol. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. I would like to talk my guys into recording our sessions as well. Any Chance you guys will play again and post more play? What ever happened to Manny? Anyways thanks for the great time my friends. Triax rules! Don't get turned into a tank. :)

  9. Great stuff - finished listening a few weeks ago. Really enjoyed the series - many thanks for sharing :)

  10. Hey guys,

    Congrats on some great RP stuff, been listening here from Norway and got some inspiration for my little group of adventurers.

    Just a question; does the GM play as part of the group? I kinda got that impression.

  11. Anonymous1/08/2012

    Great work, Im halfway through the adventure, and just started my own group up.

    If i donate to you, could you email me the handouts etc??


  12. Sindeoh: not usually unless there is a npc who is tagging along for some reason. Actually now that I think about it, one or another NPC was with the group for more than half the sessions, so maybe the answer is yes!

    Molder: If you donate $10 or more I will send you a package that has all of the handouts plus other goodies, so go for it! By the way there have been several people who have donated and have been very happy with the package.

  13. Hi guys, have been listening to the podcast as a supplement to running the campaign for my own group. Loving it.

    Really want to get my hands on your trading rules, Tim. If they are in your $10 donation pack then I am sold. Could you let me know?

  14. First, I would like to address that the campaign was very good, excepting the departure of Zed. I'm not gonna lie: that really, really killed part of the campaign for me.

    Anyway, I'm very curious if you have any project for the future. The idea of a dark heresy campaign is very amusing.

    Best for you,


  15. Twak: yes, literally EVERYTHING is included in the package, so yes all the house rules and trading rules are there!

    Victor: I was really disappointed that Zed left also. Toward the end there he got super busy at work and kept stringing us along "I'll be back next week, don't worry" week after week, until finally we had to just move on. I was psyched to see him start rocking the repeating crossbow too (you might have noticed everyone got a special gift as they left Altdorf in #33, Zed would have been given given a set of 20 +1 dmg +10 BS arrows or something like that).

    Dark Heresy does sound cool. I'm also thinking about Rogue Trader and WFRP 3e.

  16. I detest WFRP 3e. But Rogue Trader would be very interesting tool. I will GM a Dark Heresy, and I was curious to see how would your group and you handle the game. Your way of narrating kind of tarnished - although a better word would be alleviate - the very heavy and disgraced tone of WH. Although warhammer is less 'grimdark' than 40k, I think the levels of sheer sadness and grief were lighted up by you.

    I liked. I think it's too over the top the grimdarkness of both warhammers (specially 40k). I yet didnt decide what kind of tone I will impress on my players.

    Anyway, I would like to know if you have any plans for playing those games, if you have any date yet?

  17. I'm curious what you have against the 3rd edition. I've read quite a bit about it, but have never played it. I like the ideas behind the mechanics it uses, and it has all the great GW IP.

    As far as the tone, what I was shooting for was contrasts -- the hustle and bustle of Bogenhaffen contrasted with the depravity of summoning demons, poisoning the magistrate, and the other murders. Or the contrast between Grissenwald and Witgendorf, the latter of which I did try to make as dark as I could. If you go dark all the time I think it feels oppressive and smothers the motivation to help out.

    Current plan is to GM again this fall, so keep checking back!

  18. Just like to say thanks for posting all this audio its been a great listen.
    And its been really cool hearing a good group play through this classic game congratulations to all of you in making it to the end.

  19. Thanks for posting all this audio guys, I've started running The Enemy Within with my players and this has been a real help.

    I was wondering if you guys still check the site, and if so if it is still possible to donate to get the extra documents?

  20. Yes, I check this site every few weeks, and get a email alert when someone makes a donation. I get the materials to anyone making a donation within 1 week. So go right ahead!

  21. Hey Tim, are you still planning releasing another session this fall? Your podcast was what got me hooked to Warhammer Roleplay, and I would love to hear your group continue it. I am restarting this campaign just to relive the experience, and I will definitely be donating this time!

  22. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes we are starting something new and recording them, I will make a new post on this site to let everyone know -- but only once we are to a point where we are updating with new episodes each week.

  23. Anonymous12/28/2012

    Just finished listening to this series, and I have to say, it was tons of fun. With most of the actual plays I've listened to, I've skipped the combat sections and listened to the roleplay, but this Warhammer system made for pretty fast, very entertaining combat. And the roleplay was great-- the characters really evolved over the course of the campaign. Kudos!

  24. Just about finished listening to these, and I'm dreading running out. Did you ever record a future game? I recall finding a Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader game that I think you guys played, but looking through the site I can't seem to find it now

  25. Anonymous2/27/2014

    Fantastic, what a great journey. The temptation for Triax at the end must've been mighty, how hilarious would that have been. Thanks again for some great entertainment and many laughs. On my way to donate. Rog.

  26. Thanks for following along, Matthew and Rog! Sorry but there is no 40k material available, however if you want to hear more from this group there is a set of 9 shadowrun sessions you can have access to by making a donation.

    Thanks again and happy gaming!

  27. Thanks! You guys have been a large piece of the soundtrack to my recuperation and retraining from a bad injury to my leg. It's provided me with ample R&R time, where listening to your fun and gimmicks have been really splendid! Played the campaign way back in the 90's with a few friends, and was fun to relive and follow your variations. Really nice role-playing and lots of fun - most importantly. :) Just donated, and looking forward to listening to the Shadowrun-campaign - it's been a while, but I played that a bit as well!

  28. Your welcome, Troels. Glad you enjoyed it and I hope the Shadowrun sessions were fun to listen to.

    By the way...
    I know a lot a lot of people are grateful for being able to listen to these for free, and an easy way for you to say thanks is to tell your friends by posting a link here on Facebook!