As you might imagine, it has been a lot of work for us to record these sessions and maintain the podcast, so I've created a donation button (located on right) for those of you who want to say "thanks" for the 120+ hours of entertainment and help us fund materials for our next adventure. Just a dollar or two would be great, and for anyone who donates $10 or more I will send you some special gifts!

$10 - Package of handouts and GM commentary
$15 - The above plus: 2 bonus audio recordings
$25 - The above plus: 9 Shadowrun sessions

Package of Handouts and GM Commentary
This is a large package that includes EVERYTHING: house rules, handouts, battle maps, literally all the paper documents we used. There are copies of the character sheets, our map of the Empire, the custom critical charts, and the ever-so-fun "rules for pub games." It contains the "black book" of house rules and the custom weapons/armor that we use. Perhaps best of all, it includes GM commentary on each session, some final Enemy Within thoughts, and my personal GM tips -- making it a very nice resource for an aspiring GM. Altogether it is nearly 100 pages long!

Bonus Audio Recordings
Character Generation: This 1 hour 30 minute recording provides background on the Warhammer world, records the players deciding on the "role" they wish to choose, rolling up careers and stats, and a private session with each player where we discuss personality and motivation.

Epilogue: This 35 minute recording goes over the events of the Storm of Chaos which befalls the Empire and each player's actions during that time. Then we reminisce about the campaign as a whole and discuss our favorite moments. Finally each player tells what their character does at the conclusion of the events and what their legacy will be. A must have!

Shadowrun Sessions
During a break in the Warhammer action the group played in a separate compaign in the Shadowrun universe. Their cyberpunk sci/fi adventures were interesting, fun, and often hilarious! Donate at this level and you'll get access to all 9 sessions.


  1. Absolutely stoked with my handout package! Our group started running parts of this campaign shortly after these guys finished, and I found Tim's notes very helpful for planning, especially as we recorded out sessions too. Was great to see the original character sheets too - they felt like 'artifacts' after listening to the entire campaign.

    Can't wait to hear the latest efforts.

  2. Really enjoyed getting the extras and was happy to support after so many hours of recordings.

  3. Anonymous3/12/2013

    Very cool extras!

  4. Excellent extras. Happy to pay after listening to all the episodes.

  5. I've got to agree with everyone above, a really well thought out and put together package. Tim's notes were helpful in smoothing out some things (All the work done on the critical) and adding some fun extra rules to try (Pub games)
    Well worth the support and highly recommended. Plus the extra audio was interesting.

  6. Ditto all of the above. $25 is a bargain for all the hours of entertainment let alone for the extras. I will be using many of the House Rules wholesale for my future campaigns and the Shadowrunner recordings are very entertaining.

  7. Same story as the rest. The extras are a real treat and very usefull. The shadowrun episodes alone are worth the donation!

  8. I was happy to donate and have found the DM commentary very useful. Its a shame you guys didn't tackle the power behind the throne.

  9. Excellent additional material which was a big help in preparing my own group for The Enemy Within.

  10. I donated my ten dollars as a token of appreciation for the efforts put forth by this group and making it available for other people to enjoy. As a GM who is going to run this campaign and wanted to pre experience what players might do the podcasts were an invaluable reference. What I received in exchange for my donation was incredible. A real treasure! I encourage anyone who has listened to donate a something to show your support. If you plan on running TEW then you owe it to yourself to commit to at least the ten dollar mark as an investment towards a much richer campaign. My thanks to Tim for his dedication to the hobby and the players who made 5his possible.

  11. Anonymous9/21/2015

    Great stuff in the $10 pack, with some house rules I'm definitely going to make use of when I run my group through this campaign.

  12. I have been listening to the sessions as I plan to run the campaign myself, but they stopped working last night!! Do you have any idea why this has happened? I plan on making a donation if that helps. :-)

    1. Its fixed now, thanks for letting me know about the problem.

  13. I just got my hands on the $25 package of goods. It was well worth it. Tons of great material that will help when I run my own campaign. Thanks Tim!