Session 10 - Climax in Bogenhaffen

A gruesome murder, a satanic ritual, and an appearance by the Chaos God Tzeench himself mark the end of the adventurer's foray into Bogenhaffen.

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  1. im running this campaign myself and this has given me alot of awesome ideas. love the recordings.

  2. I think that is one of the best reasons to listen to another group. I did play in this campaign once before running it, but that was about 8 years ago and I don't remember much!

    I'd love to know what you are planning on incorporating or changing... you can email me or just post it here. [tron60 (at)]

  3. Thanks for this.
    My group will play this part of the scenario in a few weeks time so really looking forward to what happens.
    My players have befriended the Theives Guild and have informed the Temple of Sigmar about the happenings in the Sewer. Now they have witchhunters all the way from Altdorf to assist them, all this despite the fact one of the players is a Hedge Wizard. Oh GMing joy!

  4. Cool, Ash. Let us know how it ends up.

  5. Anonymous12/19/2013

    A great listen as always. Lots of laughter at the table, usually, as with our group (1981 Basic D&D at the mo) when they realise how insane a course of action they've just planned will be. Loved the dogged effort to get the copper out of the sewers, Manny reading a book in the middle of the street and the Watch coming over a perfect example. That reminded me, it never occurred to me how Teugen got the ring down there in the first place, good idea with the collapsible ring.
    My players back in the 80s failed to stop the ritual, a right load of blunderers, i think it was a Noble, Servant, Pitfighter and Dwarf Engineer. So i was able to run the whole apocalypse, gleefully laying on the chaos, it was only as i said the hole was expanding to swallow the town that a player pointed out the river nearby. No mention of that in the scenario, so in went the river pouring into the void, wrecking boats and the local rivertrade, draining the river for miles up and downstream. I think i had it seal when the town was gone, but even so i don't know how they got the boat out, because i'm sure they used it later. You really are keeping it a cash poor game, those poor players, but i suppose its even more authentic to 'the times', and the missile weapon ranges are terrible in v2 it seems. Anyway, great listening as ever, just hope Nigel's player eases off the second DM 'help' a bit, (i suspect he's done a lot of GMing in the past), he's a great roleplayer and keeps the player side focussed, but let Tim drive. Looking forward to the rest, all the best. Rog.

  6. Thanks for your comment, and I love how there is an alternate ending for if they fail to stop the ritual! Sounds like you had fun with it. I think the missile weapon ranges are ok, this group had no one with great bow skills. I really didn't mind the "second DM" in fact I felt it took some burden off of me for remembering rules etc. Actually almost everyone in the campaign had been a GM themselves in the past.