The Journey To Madness

This was a blog created to let Warhammer fans everywhere listen along to an adventure through the famous Enemy Within campaign. The recorded sessions make a great resource for a GM who wants inspiration, for fans of Warhammer who want to re-live the feeling of playing, or anyone with extra time who just wants some entertainment!

As one of our fans said, "It's like an epic audio novel, only better!"

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Start by reading the introduction and character backgrounds (if you have time), or just jump into Session 1. Then using the links at the right you can continue to follow along as the group travels through the Warhammer world racking up insanities, corruptions, and experience -- all while saving the Empire from certain catastrophe.

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It was fun having you along for the ride! Do continue to check this site from time to time because when this group begins its next campaign we will post information about it here in the comments section.

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The Emeny Within and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay are (C) Games Workshop, 1986. Written by Jim Bambra, Phil Gallagher, Graeme Davis, and Carl Sergant.


As you might imagine, it has been a lot of work for us to record these sessions and maintain the podcast, so I've created a donation button (located on right) for those of you who want to say "thanks" for the 120+ hours of entertainment and help us fund materials for our next adventure. Just a dollar or two would be great, and for anyone who donates $10 or more I will send you some special gifts!

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Package of Handouts and GM Commentary
This is a large package that includes EVERYTHING: house rules, handouts, battle maps, literally all the paper documents we used. There are copies of the character sheets, our map of the Empire, the custom critical charts, and the ever-so-fun "rules for pub games." It contains the "black book" of house rules and the custom weapons/armor that we use. Perhaps best of all, it includes GM commentary on each session, some final Enemy Within thoughts, and my personal GM tips -- making it a very nice resource for an aspiring GM. Altogether it is nearly 100 pages long!

Bonus Audio Recordings
Character Generation: This 1 hour 30 minute recording provides background on the Warhammer world, records the players deciding on the "role" they wish to choose, rolling up careers and stats, and a private session with each player where we discuss personality and motivation.

Epilogue: This 35 minute recording goes over the events of the Storm of Chaos which befalls the Empire and each player's actions during that time. Then we reminisce about the campaign as a whole and discuss our favorite moments. Finally each player tells what their character does at the conclusion of the events and what their legacy will be. A must have!

Shadowrun Sessions
During a break in the Warhammer action the group played in a separate compaign in the Shadowrun universe. Their cyberpunk sci/fi adventures were interesting, fun, and often hilarious! Donate at this level and you'll get access to all 9 sessions.

--=The Final Episode=--
Session 42 - The Storm Of Chaos

The adventurers journey back to Altdorf to unite Ghal Maraz with Sigmar's crown, but find that they have been tracked and must battle the Arch Lumin once and for all. They also discover what has ocurred in the Empire while they have been away -- learning how Sigmar's hammer is needed to battle the biggest threat that the Empire has seen in the last thousand years.

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A Fitting Tribute

Timothy of New Zealand's Tronhammer blog recently wrote a post lamenting how our podcast was coming to an end. It is very well written and I wanted to say thanks to him by posting a proper link to it:

Thanks, Timothy, and best wishes in your table-top gaming and RPG endevors.

Session 41 - The Penultimate Battle

Having passed through fire, blood, and madness; having lost their health, their sanity, and their very humanity; having defeated countless foes, unraveled dark conspiracies, and saved cities and towns throughout the Empire; now, at last, all that stands between the heroes and the legendary Hammer of Sigmar is a monstrous blood-soaked demon from the deepest pit of Hell. Let the battle begin!

A Picture of the Demon

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