Session 8 - Conspiracy in Bogenhaffen

As the adventurers investigate the death of the goblin, they find that the man who gave them the task has been struck by a deadly poison. Soon it becomes clear that the high-ranking members of Bogenhaffen are deeply involved in the evil sorcery taking place under the city.

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  1. I'm enjoying every episode, so thanks for doing this every week. The sound quality is great, and it seems like everybody has settled into their characters, understands the rules, and is having a good time. I crack up at the Monty Python voices that creep in from time to time, but I bet if I recorded my own sessions I'd probably find that I do the same thing. :)

    Bravo, guys. I'm looking forward to next week's show.

  2. Thanks, we've been enjoying doing them and I appreciate you posting a comment every few weeks.

    You know, according to Google about 70 people a week are coming here to the blog (and I assume listening), so I'm a little surprised so few others have left a comment.

  3. Oh, and forgot to say that, thanks to you we record our sessions too, but they're in Swedish...

    And having a bit of a problem with good mikes and such..

  4. I'd recommend using a voice recorder, and not a microphone. You know, the kind that executives use for taking voice notes...

    Microphones are often directional (unsuitable for picking up an entire table) and also will pick up too much background sounds.

  5. Hi you guys, Im running the same campaign too, using the WFRP 2nd rules.
    I´ve seven players.
    They´re on the sewers looking for the missing goblin. They´re almost finding the guardian demon.

    So, do you have good stats for the demon be a match and good challenge for 7 characters in theirs first careers?

    Let me know.


  6. According to the book this is supposed to be an easy fight, but I wanted to challenge the group a bit so I made it tougher.

    The stats I used for the demon were:
    M 7 (But cant leave the room)
    WS 40
    BS --
    S 6
    T 6 (8 if attack is non magical)
    A 2
    Int 20
    WP 89
    (approximately: this is from memory)

    Additionally I gave it 2 types of attacks that it could use once each during the battle, a cone breath attack and a smoke attack that hit adjacent characters. Their effects were based on how many degrees of failure people missed a T test by.

    My group was 4 people in their first careers, and they defeated it pretty easily though they rolled quite well. For your group I would add 10 W and 1 T and allow it to make to the area effect attacks as often as it likes. I would also make the fear test difficult so that at the beginning of the fight it is not all of the group against it -- i.e. the test would be WP -20 initially, then -10, then -0, then +10 as the rounds go on.

    Hope that helps. In the future if you want a more timely answer to a question, email me instead: tron60 at gmail.

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  8. This is a wee gem! Entertaining and very informative for a GM running TEW. It has really helped clarify my thoughts for SoB as there are so many directions the investigation can take. We are at a similar stage to this session at the moment. You do well to keep calm about the incessant 'repeating crossbow' theme! hehe

  9. Greeting from Greece.

    I am getting prepared to run a 3rd edition TEW. You blog is hilarious. I listen to it while I am on my way to work.

    Would an Iphone work instead of an 'executive' phone recorder?

  10. Would have loved to try 3rd edition, but we were already 10 weeks into it when it was released.

    No idea on the iphone, let us all know how well it works for you.

  11. Came to the party a bit late, but I am enjoying these very much.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Richard. Enjoy the ride!