Session 18 - A Warehouse in Altdorf

After bandaging their wounds, the adventurers explore the what seems like an ancient observatory. The clues they find there lead them south, and the group decides to look into some unfinished business in Altdorf on the way there.

Unfortunately the session was cut off by a failing battery in our recorder. Stay tuned to find out what was on the other side of the warehouse door...

Link to download or listen to the session:
Download Session 18
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  1. Are you guys still playing this? I'm really enjoying the listen.

  2. Hi! Great job. A help please. I need a map of Castle Wittgenstein, do you have a jpg or PDF in good quality for Print?
    Send me answer to


  3. Anonymous1/29/2014

    'which shite might that be mr dwarf' hahahahahaha. some class intimidation laughs in this one. rog

  4. Yeah, that dwarven diplomacy has had me laughing too. I love how he was illiterate too, so he was especially vague in his angry orders.