Session 20 - Message From Beyond

The adventurers reach the spot where the meteor fell only to discover it has long since been taken away. As they are determining what to do next, an unearthly messenger appears with a tale of treachery and murder. But before they can follow his advice, they are attacked by foes that "do not exist."

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  1. Anonymous7/21/2010

    Soooo glad you guys are back! What happened to Manny?
    Also, this may be against the rules but it has been bothering me for a looong time now. Wasn't the viles you guys found next to the chest the exact same color as the magic eating mold? hmmmmm

  2. Manny's had to take a break from the campaign, but he'll be back in September. You're observant that they are the same color, but are they related? If only you were playing in our group... In Session 22 you'll see some experimentation with a purple vile ;)

  3. Anonymous7/28/2010

    I wish I was in your group. It is be far the most well made I have ever seen, anywhere. I haven't found anything around here. Session 22? How far ahead do you record before you post one? I look everyday hoping for a new one. lol