Session 29 - Warpstone

Weary, wounded, and desperate, the adventurers are at long last in sight of their goal: the chaotic warpstone, focal point of the battle and an artifact of enormous power. Standing in their way is a powerful sorceress and her faithful monster. Will the heroes free the land of evil and save the day? Or will they at long last succumb to the overwhelming forces arrayed against them?

Note that real life has caught up with us again, and we are not able to post new sessions every week.

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  1. Another great episode!!
    Real life is more important..and as long as you guys don't quit I don't mind waiting a little longer. :)

    Good luck!

  2. Anonymous10/28/2010

    I'm really looking forward to the next episode.

  3. I haven't listened to a single episode yet, but I remember liking the source material...well until the final campaign written by Ken Rolston. I usually liked Uncle Ken's stuff but felt his Warhammer adventure set the wrong tone (especially considering this was the final installment) for this otherwise grim and epic campaign.

  4. Yes, my thoughts too. But fear not I've changed the final chapter to keep it Grim and Perilous.

    There will be no flying on pegasuses, no animated earth dragons, no unexplained boats that drive themselves, and definitely no Arabians on flying carpets!

    Instead there will be skeleton goblin armies, ornery ogres, a tribe of bloodthirsty chaos dwarves, and a showdown with the infamous lich.

  5. Anonymous2/11/2014

    30 gold crowns for a solid gold candelabra they would have problems carrying? it would probably melt down to make a couple of hundred coins, never mind the craftmanship, and lets not mention the diamond necklace. The artificial cash strangling gets worse!:) If i were Zed i'd be giving up hope now, of getting that crossbow, unless the party find a solid diamond meteorite that might fetch a hundred! Anyway good drama with the castle, a shame they didnt get time to meet more of the crazy inhabitants. This is getting me through a very dull patch at work in style, great listening.

  6. Haha, no one makes candelabras out of solid gold -- it was clearly made of gold plated iron.

    No one in the party had good evualtion skills (well Zed had some but used them sparingly). This led the party to get ripped off sometimes and not get the full value of their goods. Still, 30 gold buys you 2,400 beers in the WFRPv2 system -- so that should show you how silly the whole value system is :)

    Also, think about it this way: you are an antique dealer and a random guy with a clearly stolen candelebra shows up to your shop -- are you going to offer at full price or would you try to lowball?