Session 33 - Powder Keg

With the death of both the emperor and his heir, the city of Altdorf is ready to explode into civil war, shortly followed by the rest of the Empire. The adventurers desperately try to gain control of the situation, but before long they realize that may be impossible. For the end time is approaching, foretold in the prophecies of old, and the Empire's only hope now lies in a desperate quest far from civilization.

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  1. Anonymous2/23/2011

    Just found this and am downloading the first few sessions to get me started. (Have to have something to do at work)

  2. Welcome, we hope you enjoy. With 32 sessions and an average length over 3 hours, there is over 100 hours of content, of course some sessions are more interesting than others... 12

  3. Anonymous2/14/2014

    Haha a renaissance general coming at the beck and call of a boy wizard, i don't think so, who expects electors to do as he tells them, talk about megalomania! These people would be so uptight about their station they'd probably have had him flogged for daring to address them! You're too soft Tim, get these rag tag adventurers back in their place! Rog

  4. Agreed that I think I missed some opportunites to highlight class differences and the classism that existed during that time. However keep in mind that Nigel dressed and spoke in a high-class manner, and 17 was pretty much considered a man at that time, so he could easily be mistaken as higher born.