Session 36 - The Comet

In the skies above Averheim, a portent of destiny and power rises to greet the adventures as they prepare to face the long and dangerous trek though the mountain pass. But will their new friends and hirelings be strong enough to face the denizens of the alpine wilderness?

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  1. Hi can you tell me what table you were rolling on for the henchmen? Was it one you made yourself or from a book?

    Also has Zed stopped playing as I dont think he has been in the last 3 episodes? I hope not, cause I thought he was really good :)

  2. The henchmen table is in the WFRP v2 GM Screen Kit. The screen itself was pretty poor, but some of the extras are fun. That's also where I get the random names for NPCs and inns.

    Unfortunately Wade (who plays Zed) got extremely busy at his new job and had to leave us after #32. At least he got his repeating crossbow and got to make use of it! We would have tried to find a new player, but the campaign was so close to ending.

  3. Do you remember the session that Manny stopped playing? Too bad he couldn't develop that character into a badass musketeer or rifleman.

    1. I don't remember off hand, but I think it was during the latter part of DotR. As I recall he was often sleep deprived from WOW playing :)