This is a blog created for the players of a Seattle-area Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign, and for anyone who wants to follow along. Each week I will post the audio recording of that week's session. The players and anyone following the campaign are encouraged to have a listen and post a comment. I hope you enjoy it.

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We are using WFRP Ver. 2, but I'm converting various rules from Version 1 along with some of my old house rules that I used to use.

So what is Warhammer?
There are worlds where courageous heroes who stand for all that is good and righteous watch over populaces of decent folk who seek to enrich their own lives and better those of the people around them.

This isn’t one of those worlds.

The Old World is one of pain, treachery, disease, and malice. Many of the Empire’s ‘heroes’ are dangerous rogues and blood spattered butchers. The people of the Old World are superstitious and insular, swift to believe the worst of others and slow to trust, often with good reason. Corruption is the rule, honesty the exception. Those few bright souls who still manage to accomplish heroic tasks frequently have to act under cover of darkness, lest they be accused of being in league with the very forces they try to combat.

Click here for a background of the Warhammer world.

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The Emeny Within and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay are (C) Games Workshop, 1986. Written by Jim Bambra, Phil Gallagher, Graeme Davis, and Carl Sergant.


  1. Any chance you could post real life pictures of you all, as It would be nice to put faces to the voices?

  2. I think we'll leave it up to your imagination, it's always better that way :)

  3. Anonymous8/28/2013

    Could you post a link to itunes as having problems finding it. Thanks.

  4. Sorry, I'm not familiar with linking to iTunes. All I know is if I search for "Journey To Madness" it comes right up.