Character generation

The players chose from basic "roles" and each "role" had a group of starting careers to roll on. This was done to mimic the pre-generated characters from the Enemy Within campaign book.

We recorded the character generation session, and it is about 1 hour and 30 minutes long. If you are interested in listening to it, you'll have to make a donation, see the post on donations for more information.

We ended up with:
Zed Friedhof - Human Tomb Robber
Nigel Lancaster - Apprentice Wizard originally from Marionburg
Triex Khan - Dwarven Shield Breaker, devout follower of Sigmar
Brutus Stefanus - Marine with a taste for gambling and whores
Manny Steigler - Coachman from the southern Empire

This is the list we used to roll on:
Original Starting Roles

In hindsight, the characters had too direct a route to their advanced careers. If I could do this again I would have used this list:
Modified Starting Roles


  1. Just started listening to your podcast, and am really enjoying it. I'm running TEW for my gaming group in a couple of months so this is great for getting an idea how others are running it.

    You probably barely remember this, as it was recorded so long ago, but you had a discussion about the geography of the Warhammer world in this episode. Just thought I'd let you know that Bretonnia is based on medieval France - the Breton prefix is intended to evoke the French province of Bretagne/Brittany, not the concept of great Britain / UK. If I remember correctly, the England of the warhammer world is either the High Elf island of Ulthuan, or the misty isle of Albion.

  2. I described it as a combination of medieval France and Britain, which I think is true -- for example WFRP incorporates the King Arthur's Court mythos into Bretonia. In reality there was a lot of cultural crossover due to the Norman invasion of 1066. There is no "real" Britain in WFRP, but "Nigel" and I thought Marienburg seemed much like London and Bristol, hence Nigel's name and accent.

    1. The original King Arthur stories did come from France, so that's why the King Arthurs court mythos is incorporated into Bretonia rather than Albion.

  3. Marienburg is more like Amsterdam, Holland:

    Or this map:

    And The misty isle of Albion is Britain but Parisii Prehistoric Britain before Caesar's invasions of Britain.

    Bretonia is more like medieval King Arthur's Court mythos.

  4. I have a question the GM had a list of set classes to roll on, what was the list, clearly it was to represented the pre generated characters in the book? Can I have a look at the list that you use please?

  5. Yes it was to mimic the pre-generated characters from the V1 Enemy Within campaign book.

    After having played with the V2 rules now, I find that part of the career system is less fun: there are just too many direct paths to advanced careers. Everyone but the coachman had a clear advanced career path, and straying from it would only slow a character down.

    If I were to do it again, I'd remove basic careers from the list that had exits to solid advanced careers (such as Tomb Robber, Apprentice Wizard, etc) and to compensate give the players more experience per session.

    I will update this posting with a link to both the table we rolled on and how I would remake it.