Session 3 - Encounter on the Road

On the road to Altdorf the adventurers encounter a group of mutants who have brutally murdered the passengers of another coach. One of the bodies bears a strange resemblance to Brutus.

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  1. Cool! I was starting to worry that maybe you guys had quit the campaign. I'm also glad to see this is such a long session. I've been listening to your recordings while designing fantasy/medieval papercraft models in Photoshop. It's the perfect soundtrack. Keep them coming! :)

  2. Thanks for commenting and following. That's what keeps us motivated to keep this thing up to date :)

  3. Anonymous6/14/2010

    Guys Cool Story, I love TEWC, But you need to not shout because the sound quality goes down, also stop tapping dice, who ever it was, and filling bowls with chips or something, cuz we can hear it all,

  4. Anonymous11/29/2013

    Hi, Rog here. Really enjoying the podcast, a year or two late, Zed (Wade?) the star thus far, and the dwarf's atrocious accent unintentionally brilliant. Hell of a long scrap though, i'm sure it would've been wrapped up quicker in 1st ed? Or maybe that's the effect of the years, GM'd this campaign when it came out in the 80's, and it's still the best i've come across in any system. A bit of extreme trivia: The Raven's Return was a spoof on The Rover's Return, the pub in the famous British soap opera Coronation Street. Looking forward to the rest, all the best.

  5. Hi Rog, thanks for listening and commenting! Unfortunately Zed left our group aft session #32, so enjoy him while you can! I found combat to be about 20% longer than 1st edition because there are more decisions (such as Fortune Points)

  6. Anonymous10/23/2014

    Is there a list of house rules you used in your game anywhere? I'm noticing a lot of stuff (d6+1 Wounds back for tending, pistol is d8+5 damage) that seems different from RAW and I'm curious if it was ever codified.

    1. Dorchadas: yes, it's all in the "black binder/black book" that you hear references to during play. The complete set of house rules are in the Special Package if you are interested in having them (see the donation page for all the info).