Session 4 - Events in Altdorf

The group arrives in the capital of the Empire and they meet up with Alexander, an old Kislevian friend of Brutus'. Despite it being their first time there, it seems that they already have other "friends" in the city.

During this episode Triex receives a vision from Sigmar. Here is the handout that was given to him:
Triex's Vision

Link to download or listen to the session:
Download Session 4
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  1. I don't know if it's just me but this session seems to have the ending cut off?

    We played this a few years back and it's bringing back some good memories. I have to say your GM is a great at doing all the different NPC voices, and I just love Nigel Lancaster's voice :) always brings a smile to my face, great role playing, keep it up

  2. Hey guys,

    Found this gold mine after some random google research for my own TEW-campaign and have been plowing through the recordings non-stop since :) Great GM inspiration as well as awesome entertainment, sounds like you guys have an awesome group, keep up the good work!

    ps. I'm wondering if you could post the Crown of Sigmar vision? I'm planning on doing something similar with a dream of Morr so I'm in need of some inspiration :)

  3. Thanks for the support!

    I will update this posting to include a link to the vision.

  4. Also: I always thought the WFRP non-1e "Schools of Color Magic" thing was ridiculous, especially the buildings being the biggest things in the OId World.