Session 5 - The Boat is Burning!

Awakened by the smell of smoke while sleeping on the riverboat, it seems that the man following them had ill intentions. After dealing with this, the group travels on and arrives in Bogenhaffen.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you guys for posting your sessions. You're the only 'actual play' webcast I've found that makes roleplay AND combat interesting.

  2. Right on, a new episode! I don't have a regular Warhammer group at the moment, so I'm really grateful to get this vicarious weekly fix. Thanks again for sharing these. :)

  3. FYI, there are 8 days a week in Warhammer!

  4. Anonymous12/04/2013

    c'mon you lot: 'Von Sapanotheim', not a flicker, say it slowly in a german accent. Another good session though, a lot of laughter at the table is always a good thing, but where's Wade?! Rog.