Session 40 - Black Water Trail

Having escaped the dwarven ruins with the location of Sigmar's Hammer, the adventurers must now make the perilous journey into the heart of the Black Mountains. Along the trail, they face the fearsome denizens of the mountains: gigantic wolves, fearsome trolls, strange, white-furred abominations, and a tribe of pointy-eared pacifists who may turn out to be the biggest danger of them all.

Campaign Note: We have finished the recordings, and there are a total of 42 sessions -- only two more to go! So savor them while they last.

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  1. Triex talking to the Elves = LOL :)

  2. Dam i Missed the poll about the Forum, I would have said yes! Great session tonight, i really enjoy listening to you guys, Its a shame it has to end soo soon

  3. Anonymous2/25/2014

    Think a certain chaos god of battle and slaughter needs some new followers, what do you have to do to get those dwarfs angry?! :) Rog