Session 41 - The Penultimate Battle

Having passed through fire, blood, and madness; having lost their health, their sanity, and their very humanity; having defeated countless foes, unraveled dark conspiracies, and saved cities and towns throughout the Empire; now, at last, all that stands between the heroes and the legendary Hammer of Sigmar is a monstrous blood-soaked demon from the deepest pit of Hell. Let the battle begin!

A Picture of the Demon

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  2. Apologies if this is a double post. I wanted to put up a link for a review I did on my blog in tribute of your final episode.

    All the best


  3. Wow, thanks for the excellent write up! I'm going to give your review the treatment it deserves with a direct link.

    I'm not sure I understand the Spock connection though :)

  4. You are very welcome! The Space Dog thing is from an early Star Trek episode entitled "The Enemy Within".

  5. A truly epic adventure! I've been listening since March this year, and I have been consistently blown away by the entertainment value jam-packed into these RPG sessions.

    I really like the way that Tim can describe and answer pretty much every question about the old/e world. I'm not sure if it's just general knowledge, or researched, but it's very immersive.

    I really love dwarves in fantasy fiction, and Triex... what can I say? He's everything a sigmar-worshipping dwarf traipsing about town with a mutant twin should be. Top marks. Except when Jeff's asleep ;)

    Really, the entire group is brilliant enterainment. Genuinely laugh out loud moments about once every 3 sessions, but there is plenty to love in every session.

    If only Zed had somehow sourced magical bolts and gone in to a daemon-slaying rage, instead of retreating to real life :P

    Well... one episode to go. So much could happen!
    Thanks so much all of you guys, I hope to hear something new next year Tim.


    P.S. Everyone should donate! 120 hours of RPG gaming = a lot of snacks!

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